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"In this place…Forever…"

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Rin totally planned the bed thing!



IMO I don’t think Haru was ooc or anything in this episode but what I do think is that it was handled poorly. The pacing was very bad and it seemed abrupt because even just last episode he was still agonising over this pressure from people.

Yes it was good to see that he has found something, that it took him having to see it to realise it was what he wanted and what to aim for but there has been no mention at all to him of how this is going to restrict his current style, how he will need to undergo some personal re-evaluation in terms of his approach. Nothing like that. It’s why I have an issue with it because just standing there and seeing that the pool isn’t his enemy, that swimming at such a large scale isn’t going to be a bad thing, doesn’t change the fact that swimming for him will now be completely different. He will need to swim for times, he will need to swim to win, he will need to constantly improve and stick to strict schedules, exercise and even diet. Standing on that starting point isn’t always what it is going to be.

This is why I am bothered by it all because yes I believe that if he is determined he will work at it but to make up his mind on what does seem like a whim without even knowing what is expected of him was a bad move.

I think we can all agree it’s been not so subtly hinted at since episode 1 this series added in with the fact that they haven’t developed any other kind of option, but for it to be resolved after stubbornly refusing it for so long this season I can’t be happy.

I feel that is ultimately the crux of the situation within the narrative.  This doesn’t feel like an organic progression of Haru’s character but rather a forced and easy way to solve his problems and wrap up the drama.  

I always knew that going pro would be Haru’s endgame, and honestly I had no problem with it, as long as it was developed in such a way that was organically developed.  

If they had spent more time this season focusing on Haru slowly becoming more competitive, showing more interest in times, developing a passion for the competition of pro swimming, and in ep9 having him flourish instead of flounder under the pressure of being scouted and then have him come to this realization I would have been all for it.  

They could have still have Haru have doubts and aniexty, him thinking about how different his swimming would have to be, all the new pressure that came with going pro, asking himself if it was something he truly wanted - if he could truly commit himself to it 120% like Rin and Sousuke did (instead of using Sousuke’s injury as a plot device to guilt trip him Sousuke could have been used as an inspiration for Haru).  

What it comes down to is that this season was thoroughly unfocused - enjoyable but ultimately unfocused and suffered even worse pacing issues than s1.  Honestly the Rin scenes could have been cut this episode to make room for Haru, more of the Samazuka scenes could have been cut, and as much as it pains me to say this, the Kisumi/Haru/Makoto stuff could have been cut.  Or better integrated into the overall plot of the season which should have been Haru choosing to pursue some dream of his.  Instead of being shoved to the side for most of the season 

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I have mixed feelings about this episode…

- On one hand Haruka is happy again, he even smiled and that’s the most important thing in the world (god he’s pretty).

- I’m also happy he’s gonna be with Rin and not alone (assuming that he moves to Australia which is what is going to happen right?). Also if they move with Lori and Russell I’m sure they are going to give Haruka all the love and attention he doesn’t get from his parents (I’m sorry, I understand we know too little about Haruka’s parents to judge them but I can’t help to dislike them a lot).

- But on the other hand! I’m angry because I feel that Haruka’s change of heart about going pro was too fast!, he seemed to really REALLY dislike the idea so him changing his mind after only looking at a pool feels tremendously forced to me. I mean, it only took him a minute to completely overcome an issue against which he’s been battling for weeks??? (if not months) come ooon!

- aaand there’s the fact that I’ve been crying nonstop for the past hour because he an Makoto are going to separate and that just destroys my soul.


Zakki x Haru


Zakki x Haru


Free! Dating sim » Nanase Haruka



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